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Our own range of MLTC branded clothing!


In keeping with a number of clubs, the Medstead Tennis Club Committee is keen to offer a range of tennis clothing to members which is both practical, attractive, competitively priced and branded with the Medstead Tennis Club logo. The branding hopefully gives a feeling of club ownership as well as promoting the Club at external matches and events.


You will need to register in order to log in to the site. Please click on the link below to view the Club's online shop:


A range of clothing has been selected for Men, Women and Children. However it is worth having a look at all the ranges as there are a number of Unisex items of clothing in some of the categories, as well as some smaller sizes under Mens and Womens, that will also be suitable for children and young adults.

For larger items there is also the option, at additional cost, of having your initials embroidered on the garments. You might choose this option for outer wear where members may have similar items of clothing. A postage and packing charge will be added.

The cost of setting up the website was £90 so the prices include £1 per item that comes back to the club to help defray this cost.


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